Tasty Beet Salad (So good even your husband will try it!)

January, 20th, 2015 by Chris Bramich, MS, BCHN®, NTP, CGP
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Tasty Beet Salad (So good even your husband will try it!)

I'm quite sure that I never tried a beet up until a few years ago. If I did, it was only because I mistook it for a slice of cranberry. Beets have an attractive maroon color and visually they are very appealing. In terms of taste, however, the texture and tartness of this unique vegetable generally relegates them to large salad bars. You'd probably have to visit a few dozen homes before you came upon one putting fresh beets on the dinner table.

Let's change that today.

Beets are extremely beneficial to your health. In addition to having anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties1, beets are also a great food for improving digestion. They aid with liver detoxification capabilities and are commonly found in supplements which support the Gall Bladder2. The following recipe for this Tasty Beet Salad is simple and you likely already have the other two ingredients in your kitchen.


2 Organic Beets

1 Organic Lemon

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


1. Peel both beets with a potato peeler and cut off the ends

2. Use the shredding blade of your food processor to shred the beets into thin strips resembling cole slaw. Pour the beets into a medium sized bowl and run them through the processor a second time. Your shreddings from the first pass will be thick and coarse. The texture is much friendlier if you process them twice.

3. Pour the shredded beets back into the medium sized glass bowl.

4. Drizzle the juice from one freshly squeezed lemon (I like using a lemon press) and the Olive Oil over the shredded beets. Mix together.

5. Serve and enjoy

The lemon juice alters the flavor of the beets making the taste much more desirable. The olive oil improves the texture. Lemons are high in natural Vitamin C and olive oil provides healthy fat and phytonutrients, which offer additional anti-inflammatory support.

Beets have been shown to be high in oxalates, so take care that you're eating a diet with a variety of vegetables. This beet salad is a good way to introduce this unique food into your dietary rotation and see that your family is receiving a more well-rounded supply of nutrients. Expand your palate and you'll expand your health!




Chris Bramich, MS, BCHN®, NTP, CGP
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