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Browse the postings to learn more about health and wellness from a holistic perspective. The human body is a wonderful creation of God. While today's food is convenient and quick, that doesn't mean it's healthy. It's my belief that degenerative diseases have become so prevalent because the food we eat no longer contains sufficient nutritional value. A long shelf life for our food does not guarantee a long healthy life for those who eat it.

I hope to provide you with education about physiology, food sourcing, proper preparation and options for addressing dysfunction. Food should sustain our body's foundations and produce both strength and vitality. As you read the articles on this blog, you will discover a perspective that seems really new, but is actually very old. When it comes to food, wisdom is truly timeless.

Rebalancing your microbiome for Optimal Health

January 125, 2018 by

Have you ever been curious about which organisms actually make up your body’s ecosystem? Your microbiome is the collection of bacteria, fungi and yeast that live in your digestive tract. While this might sound troublesome, these microorganisms actually carry out several important functions. They maintain proper gut motility, modulate the immune system, produce vitamins and even exert influence over blood glucose control.

Rebalancing your microbiome for Optimal Health

A Body that Inspires Confidence

May 17, 2016 by

A conference that I recently attended was led by a 57 year old retired chiropractor from sunny Florida. He wore a black short sleeve shirt that displayed a toned and very fit physique. During his talk, he moved and spoke with confidence. When we took breaks every ninety minutes, he didn’t even need to sit down.

Many of us dream of looking good and having the kind of energy that sustains itself throughout the day. It makes a difference whether you’re leading a seminar, seeing old friends or strolling down the beach or the boardwalk.

A Body that Inspires Confidence

  • Something in your eye?
  • Something in your eye?

    October 23, 2015 by

    This past week, I got out my mower for what I hoped was my last mow of the season. Everyone knows it's a good idea to wear eye protection when you cut the grass. I normally do…in the form of eyeglasses. Granted, they're not ideal, but they give me a little more confidence doing yard work. In the event that I kick up something like a rock, my glasses will provide me with protection. Well, so I thought.

    Something in your eye?

    The Controversy Over Fermented Cod Liver Oil

    August 27, 2015 by

    There has been a lot of buzz over the weekend about the true health and safety of the premier brand of Cod Liver Oil produced by Green Pasture and endorsed by the Weston A. Price Foundation. The Vice President of the Weston Price Foundation, Dr. Kaayla Daniel, has now openly gone rogue claiming that this particular brand is untrustworthy. Her opinion sharply contrasts with that of President Sally Fallon Morrell, who still maintains the safety and quality of this brand. Weston Price followers are scratching their heads today wondering who to believe.

    The Controversy Over Fermented Cod Liver Oil

    The Modern Problem of Infertility and Nutritional Support for Conception

    March 30, 2015 by

    Life in the Modern World

    The CDC estimates that nearly 17% of women ages 15-44 are either unable to get pregnant or are currently experiencing great difficulty. 1 This statistic does not take into account the number of men, who are the sole cause for infertility in 40% of all couples trying to conceive. 2

    While there are still many babies being born, complications during pregnancy have become the new normal. Conception has not always presented such challenges. In 1800, the average number of children per U.S. household was seven! 3 Over the course of the next century, that number was cut in half as American moved from an agricultural to an industrial society.

    The Modern Problem of Infertility and Nutritional Support for Conception

    Tasty Beet Salad (So good even your husband will try it!)

    January 20th, 2015 by

    Tasty Beet Salad (So good even your husband will try it!)

    I'm quite sure that I never tried a beet up until a few years ago. If I did, it was only because I mistook it for a slice of cranberry. Beets have an attractive maroon color and visually they are very appealing. In terms of taste, however, the texture and tartness of this unique vegetable generally relegates them to large salad bars. You'd probably have to visit a few dozen homes before you came upon one putting fresh beets on the dinner table.

    Let's change that today.

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    Quickstart Guide to Weight Loss

    January 5th, 2015 by

    With the holidays now coming to an end, many of us are looking at making some dietary changes. Let's not see that as all bad though. A new year gives us an opportunity to begin some new habits that will yield long term benefits. And hey, these changes don't need to mean that we now have to eat foods we don't like. This Quickstart guide will take the fear out of mealtime and help to make your menu a little more appetizing.

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    Digestion, Food Sourcing and Health

    November 29th, 2014 by

    Digestive issues are the second leading cause of missed work days in the United States according to the IBS Treatment Center in Seattle, Washington. To those who have had such experiences, this statistic comes with little surprise. Since digestion is a bodily process that is active throughout the day, symptoms of poor digestion can last as long. The hassle, embarrassment and inconvenience of it all is enough to make anyone call in sick.

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    The War on Fat is Over or Haven't You Heard?

    August, 27th, 2014 by
    On June 15, 2014, Time magazine effectively signed the treaty in the ongoing war on fat. According to the article, "A 2010 meta-analysis-basically a study of other studies-concluded that there was no significant evidence that saturated fat is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease." Read The War on Fat is Over!
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